​ROMAGNA TERBBIANO Trebbiano is a native vine already present in the Naturalis Historia of Pliny the Elder, that  mentions it among the wines of Campania.
It probably appeared in Romagna with the Etruscans.
Over time from the ancient strain of Trebbiano was born a family of vines widely cultivated in Italy that founds in the plains of Romagna a very favorable habitat.
The Trebbiano of Romagna is also known as the Trebbiano della Fiamma because when grapes are mature take on a nice golden-yellow color with reddish highlights in the area more exposed to sun. It was awarded the DOC in 1973.
The result is a wine with pleasant freshness and fragrance rather savory and harmonious.

Trebbiano in Romagna is produced in the following types (denominations):
•    Romagna Trebbiano- D.O.C.
•    Romagna Trebbiano-  D.O.C. Frizzante
•    Romagna Trebbiano- D.O.C. Spumante
•    Romagna Trebbiano- I.G.T.
•    Romagna Trebbiano- I.G.T.

It can be served as an aperitif with savoury appetizers. It goes well with light and delicate starters and fish salads. It is mainly enjoyed with the traditional ‘piadina romagnola’ and 'squaquerone' (a typical fresh, soft cheese).
A good quality Trebbiano di Romagna can be served with all fresh, soft cheeses produced in Romagna (raviggiolo, casatella, etc).

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