ROMAGNA PAGADEBIT The cute and picturesque name Pagadebit, which is produced from grape Bombino bianco, is related to good, constant and proverbial productivity of this variety that traditionally allowed even in the worst years to the farmer, to pay its debts.
Its origins are rather uncertain but it found in the hilly areas of Romagna its ideal environment for the growth, although the overall production remains rather limited. It obtained the DOC in 1988.
The wine has a pale straw yellow color with greenish reflections. It has an olfactory bouquet floral, fruity, slightly herbaceous, while the palate is fresh, balanced and harmonious.

The various types of Pagadebit are (denominations):
•    Romagna Pagadebit - D.O.C. – Secco
•    Romagna Pagadebit - D.O.C. – Amabile
•    Romagna Pagadebit - D.O.C. – Amabile Frizzante
•    Romagna Pagadebit - D.O.C. – Bertinoro Secco
•    Romagna Pagadebit - D.O.C. – Bertinoro Amabile
•    Romagna Pagadebit - D.O.C. – Bertinoro amabile Frizzante

It is a suitable accompaniment to minestrone, creamy soups, fish pasta and risottos and the traditional 'Passatelli'. For main courses, it is served with white meat, grilled fish, frogs, snails and vegetable omlettes.

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