CAPPELLETTI The Cappelletti was the queen of pasta of the local tradition, that never failed in Christmas.
This pata has undergone many changes over time: once it was done without meat: the filling was made evening, usually on Christmas Eve: inside there were eggs, grated parmesan, ricotta cheese or raviggiolo and little nutmeg.
Some others, like the recipe of Pellegrino Artusi  “Cappelletti all’uso di Romagna”, put in the stuffing also cooked meat in the pan, maybe capon or chicken giblets, or minced pork.
The sheet of dought was cut with in strips with the iron used for pappardelle: in the center of the square where put a teaspoon of the filling and then fainted folded like a head napkin.
The elderly remember  women after preparing the dough and the filling, called the whole family to quickly close the cappelletti before the pasta dries up too much.
Then no one would have melted them with the meat sauce as today: Cappelletti had to be coke and served in mixed meat broth.

Sometimes for fun, it was made a big one cappelletto called “cappelletto of the greedy” stuffed only with the dought, which at the time of service women of the house had the foresight to serve to one of the children to make fun of him.