BUSTRENGO Bustrengo is a typical dessert of the rural tradition of Romagna, especially the hilly area that goes from Cesena to Montefeltro. It 'a homemade cake prepared by the families of Romagna country, whose name seems to derive from pans that were used to prepare it, calls "the role you", low and made of copper. This cake was prepared by azdore especially on the occasion of the holidays or Sundays. The ingredients used were the most varied, depending on the family tradition, and are known only in part because the recipe is kept strictly secret, thus leaving the possibility of preparing expert housewives bustrengo in many ways, according to the different combination of ingredients themselves. The main ingredient is definitely the bread, or bread crumbs. The motto was, and probably still is, to use everything that was in the pantry, not throw anything away! These ingredients were mixed with eggs and sugar by the expert hands of azdore, giving rise, after a slow cooking, this delicious cake from the local tradition. Even today, every family has its own recipe for bustrengo, different from area to area, but the basic ingredients are the same: eggs, bread, milk and sugar. In the past for bustrengo was also used cornmeal or bread black bran; in modern versions instead is easier to find pine nuts and raisins that give definitely a more rich and more inviting to this typical sweet Romagna.