​ROMAGNA CAGNINA The Cagnina comes from the vine "Refosco" red grape of ancient cultivation, is a sweet red wine or sweet, ready to drink immediately after harvest. Talk about it since the Byzantine during which it was imported from Dalmatia and Istria, on the occasion of import limestone for the construction of the historical monuments of Ravenna. The first news of this quaint wine, dating back to the thirteenth century and refer to the vines and wine from Friuli (cuttings of Terrano d 'Istria and the Karst region, synonyms of Refosco d' Istria and the Karst), which cultivated in Forlì and Cesena assumed the name of Cagnina.
The ageing process consists in decanting the wine from one barrel to another and it can be drunk as early as a week after it has been produced. It is best drunk young, namely within twelve months of it being bottled.

Cagnina has just one denomination:
- Romagna Cagnina D.O.C. sweet

It should be chilled to around 10-12 ° and is traditionally served with homemade ‘ciambella’ (a sponge cake), roast chestnuts, fruit and jam tarts, sweet ‘tortelli’ filled with jam or with 'saba' (cooked grape must)

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