OTHER KIND OF CHEESES The Bazzotto di Romagna is a cheese of the local rural tradition. It is a roundcow's milk cheese, very good if spread on bread or piada, in the Cassoni or in the mixtures of pasta fillings. 

Ricotta is a cottage cheese  which has its origin from the serum, the liquid part of milk.
It is a dairy product known already at the time of the Greeks and Romans and is mentioned in numerous writings:from Columella and Virgil in Latin to Bocaccio in '300 and Pantaleone da Cofienza in 1477. 
The name refers to the production method: twice cooked, because the milk proteins are heated a first time for the production of cheese and a second for the processing of remaining serum from which is derived the ricotta. 
There are different types which depend from milk and from the cheese from which the serum arrives. 
The fresh ricotta cheese has a mild taste, almost sweet; its color is pure white and the dough is soft and friable, easily digestible and suitable low-calorie diets

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