SNAILS The snail is a mollusk invertebrate, ia an animal-free skeleton, belonging to the class of gastropods pulmonate land. The snails in their shells are called snails (Helix). Are creepers from flabby body covered with mucus with a developed fleshy foot that is used for locomotion, their passage remains a clear trail of slime shiny. On the head are evident four tentacles, the 2 longer have eyes on top, the other two places lower down, have a function olfactory, gustatory and tactile especially, in case of danger these tentacles can retire in a few moments, between the two tentacles touch your mouth is. The snails feed on the leaves of most plants, causing a lot of damage, especially in gardens where they are much feared and fought. They come out mostly at night encouraged by moisture, but after a significant rain is very easy to see them around even in broad daylight. The snail is a hermaphrodite animal, is neither male nor female, everyone is bisexual. It means that in his lifetime can play sexual function of the male or female.

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