TRIFLE Despite the name, Trifle is a traditional Italian dessert invented several centuries ago. It was in the sixteenth century that this delicious dessert was prepared for the first time at the court of the Dukes of Este, the Lords of Ferrara. Tradition has it that the Trifle was invented by the chefs of the court when a diplomat Ferrara just returned from a mission in London, that he be prepared "trifle", a typical sweet English time prepared with a sweet bun and accompanied leavened as a cream and wine. The court cooks, prepare the cake, not being able to find all the original ingredients replaced those typically British with the preparations of the place, as the sponge cake and custard, and enriched it with the liquor Alchermes to give color to the sweet, while probably the introduction of the chocolate between the ingredients occurred at a later time. That's from playing a sweet typically English with local ingredients was born a cake that over time has become traditionally Italian as to be inserted by Artusi in his book "Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well" (p .421), which is considered the founding text of modern Italian cuisine.